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A brief biography about myself

Coffee may perhaps be the most useful lawfully sold treatments around. If you discuss it with most people candidly, many of them probably would reveal to you that when not due to their coffee, they would possibly need to go on a nap in-between.

Many people probably would come and tell me that if in case I are deprived of energy to continue by noon, I must really think about exiting my line of business and find my love in life. However I believe otherwise. I am heavily in love with the career that I am doing at this time. And I nevertheless not able to endure thru the day without relying on my sip of coffee. Probably it is due to my diligence ethics or probably it is credit to my caffeine addiction.

But for whichever reason it might be, I am a self-acknowledged coffee enthusiast. This blog is my personal journal that I have decided to share with the world some of the remarkable things I am aware with regards to coffee, varying from coffee choosing approach to espresso machine pick. Happy reading!